Gorgeous Georgia (the country)

I have been wracking my brain to accurately describe Georgia but no matter how I brush off this word, ‘gorgeous’ keeps on coming up. It is common, I know, but it has to be the perfect adjective for this little gem in the Caucasus region. Strategically located at a crossroads between Europe and Asia, Georgia has lush, green mountains taking center stage during summer, pretty wild flowers dancing in the breeze, vast bodies of water gushing peacefully, and rustic streets cradling interesting ancient Georgian-style architecture. If you adore nature and its rich, alluring beauty, this country is for you. My friends, Cristina and Mariecris, and I  knew that it was for us, no doubt.

Perched at the edge of Jvari Monastery.

We planned this trip for months, booked our tickets in January (so no one will back out), and had plenty of FB Messenger conversations about budget, outfits, weather, best places to go to, tours and guide, Georgian cuisine, matching bags, matching hats, matching passport holders, matching bag tags, and oh so many more. Yep, after six years of friendship, we are that deep haha. Nah, it pays to be organized for every trip. There were still mishaps of course, but to sum it up, we were prepared.

Chilling before our flight.

We flew with Fly Dubai and the moment we reached Tbilisi, it was a complete switch of scenery and temperature. Greens everywhere and even on an early morning of late June, it was still cold, the nice type of cold though. The excitement level at that point was already over the edge. You’ll see why.

The beautiful Ananuri Lake.

If there’s one great decision that we made for this trip, it is by booking a private tour guide (vehicle, airport pick up and drop off  included). We reached our wish list destinations and got to them at our own pace. Our four days became full-packed with adventures and that is also because of our guide’s input in the planning. If you fancy visiting Georgia soon, we strongly recommend Lasha of Tours in Georgia who definitely brought us not only to the best places, but also to the not-so-touristy-yet-picturesque ones. We got to try the most delectable local dishes also through Lasha’s recommendations. He knows his roots and is very capable of immersing you into the country’s splendor. Plus, he is kind and easy to talk to. We requested a few side trips with him and he willingly helped us through.

The jump for life shot with Lasha.

Our itinerary in truth, is hectic. We would be on the road for hours before we finally reach our destination. It is a good thing though that along the way, our eyes were filled with sights to behold.

Hello to farm life.

Georgia is rich in both scenery and activities that having only four days is quite tight if you want to cover everything. Since we only had this short amount of time, we picked the top spots and thankfully, managed to stick to our itinerary. Here is how we did it.

Day 1: Kutaisi and Batumi

Day 2: Batumi and Tbilisi

Day 3: Kazbegi and Tbilisi

Day 4: Signagi

There you go. This is our first international trip and I am looking forward to the next one. Solo travel is rewarding and refreshing but it is also fun and fulfilling to travel with friends. You get to share with them everything, which means that every expense comes cheaper. I even saved USD50 from this trip, yay!

There is a legend about Georgia that seemed fitting for its renowned charm.

“When the God divided the Earth among the people, Georgians were late because of their traditional feast, and by the moment of their arrival, the entire world had already been divided. When the God asked them to what they had drunk for, Georgians just answered: ”To you, oh Lord, to us, to peace”. The God liked their answer so He told them that although all lands were taken, he reserved a small plot for Himself and now He decided to give it to Georgians. According to the God, the land was incomparable in its beauty and all people would admire and cherish it forever “.

You be the judge.

The breathtaking view of Kazbegi.

Madloba Georgia! You are indeed gorgeous.

Trip Details:

#marengsingeorgia – June 23-26, 2017





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