DIY Barefoot Sandals


It can not be more obvious that it is already summer in Dubai. The screaming 40C temperature signals that it is not good to camp out anymore (boooo!). But hey, there is no reason to sulk because hot days are synonymous to beach season! Having this in mind must have tickled my imagination to awaken my longtime obsession for beads crafting. I salivate when I see beads in different shapes and colors. My happiest day would be waking up one day and discovering that beside the house is Divisoria, Daiso, Day to Day, Satwa and Dragonmart. I just go frenzy over beads, period.

How can I not? Just look at these beauties.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I started making beaded accessories and sold them with the help of my Auntie and friends. I was really having good fun back then while earning at the same time. School got me hooked up though, so I was not able to sustain it. For years, I have been wanting to revive my passion for this craft but to procure materials here is not easy and a little bit costly. Until one evening, when I just quit the “what ifs” and started making barefoot sandals out of the meager materials that I have. This is my first finished product.

In two weeks after I started, I must say that I have been productive. Although this project has shortened my sleep hours and even makes me want to skip meals (opppps!), there is no denying that I am ecstatic with every pair that I create and get even more thrilled on starting a new pattern.

If you are hitting the beach soon, planning on a beach wedding or you just want to go barefoot (who cares?), these sandals are lovely and pretty adornment for your feet.

A combination of pearls, sequins and a touch of blue is perfect for the lovely bride. You may also make a few for your bridesmaids.

Here is how to make a basic single pattern:


  • Beads of your own choice
  • String or cord
  • Scissors


Warning: Too much feet exposure below.☺️

  1. Measure the string by looping it around your second toe and pulling both sides around your ankle. Leave a good extra length for tying later on. Make two pieces of this.
  2. Fold the string into half, make a loop ( just the right size for your second toe) and seal the loop with a knot.
  3. Hold the ends of the strings together and begin adding on your beads until you reach your desired length (as shown below). Tie the ends to secure the beads.
  4. Wrap the remaining strings around your ankle, add more beads on both sides, tie into a knot and ribbon.

What’s good about this project is that, you are free to create your patterns. Just play along with your imagination and you will be surprised by the many ways your end result will come out amazing. It can be a great gift for your friends and loved ones too! Caution though, this is addictive.

Here is what I made for my friends on our upcoming adventure. I can’t wait!

For twinning moms and daughters, this is an adorable gem for your OOTD collection.


For the little one, all you need is an elastic (I used a headband), then sew or glue on top a pretty patch. It is very comfortable and chic for that yummy feet. My goddaughter loves it!

For couples, an anklet for him is just the right match.


  • Look out for your old accessories. Usually, they are the best ones to recycle. I found my treasured colorful necklace, cut one loop and voila!

The pair goes well with white. Photo taken by my love who is always patient and supportive of my craft and sometimes, eccentricities. 

These beads on the other hand, are from my old bracelet.


  • The choice for materials are just endless (to my delight). You may also experiment on laces, bling-blings and wooden ornaments.

  • Make sure that your string is smaller than the hole of your beads. For ease in adding beads to your chosen string, use a soft wire, bend it into half and put your string at the middle so it can slide easily through your beads.

  • Rest your eyes and hands from time to time. A good amount of sunlight makes it easier to thread through the beads.
  • Do not limit your options to beads. You may also use buttons, sequins, shells and a lot more!
  • The tie and knot method looks more natural and cute but I have discovered  that using these locks is more convenient for securing the strings around your ankle.

  • Although they are primarily worn barefoot, they are also gorgeous when worn with your favorite flip-flops. Go mix and match!

Through this project, I have learned that if God has blessed you with a gift, a skill or even just a desire, no amount of time can completely bury it. It may just sleep for a while but it will resurface no matter what. I guess, this is one of mine. This maybe one of yours too.

I hope that you will try out this tutorial. If you like it or you have questions and suggestions, please leave a comment below or send me an email at

Happy crafting and keep on creating!






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